Manico's Policy

We are Aria energy Management (MANICO) an advanced technological company with strong expertise in developing and implementing patented solutions to various fields of industries. From feasibility study and conceptual design to performance improvement and plant optimization, we provide our clients with solutions and services that they have been always looking for. We make sure to deliver the most outstanding packages in the industry to your business. We believe our business success lies at the intersection of ensuring human health, environmental protection, and community goodwill. Our commitment to our clients for quality and failure-free service delivery is of the utmost importance at Manico.

Sustainability is a priority interest for our Manico. Economic, social, and environmental concerns and demands are considered the three pillars of sustainability. These three impacts are sometimes referred to as profits, people and planet. To ensure responsible, ethical and ongoing success, we at Manico offer green technologies with high level performance on saving energy that have minimal negative impacts on the global or local environment, community, and society. We have developed, offered and guaranteed solutions and strategies that support long-term ecological balance. Our business sustainability has helped us make sure that we have and will continue to have resources for present and future generations as well as to protect human health and our environment.

Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world, incurring more occupational fatalities than any other sector. The Health & Safety Management Team and team members are charged with responsibility for the implementation of the Safety and Loss Prevention Program for the project as a whole and, as such, play a key role in the success of the project. We maintain an effective Health & Safety Management System to identify the occupational Health & Safety hazards in company’s operations and calculate the intensity and likelihood of their occurrence within an effective Risk Management System. This management system allows us to reach a continuous improvement in minimizing the Health & Safety related Risks and outcomes.