Commissioning and start up

Commissioning and start up

Commissioning and start up

We A Manico coordinate the Process of assuring that all Systems Sub Systems and Components of a Project are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or Final client. A commissioning process may be applied not only to new projects, but also to existing units and systems, subject to expansion, renovation or revamping

In practice this process comprises the integrated application of a set of engineering techniques, and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational Component of the Project From individual Functions, such as instruments and equipment, up to complex amalgamations such as modules, sub systems and system Pre commissioning and commission team of Manico Consist of professional Engineers with high level experiences in different field of oil, gas and Petro chemical industry.

The procedure of pre-commission to operation of unit must be involved below Items:

1- Pre-commissioning & Commissioning

Pre commissioning and commissioning shall mean all activities and associated works which start after construction mechanical completion. It means that all constructions of a part, sections or all of facilities that have been completed in accordance with the requirement of contract. In the following various steps before operation is shown. 

Fig.1‐ Block Diagram between Construction & Normal Operation

Commissioning execution is defined as the following:




Start Up

Performance Test

Hand Over



All documentation pertaining to the Pre-commissioning  operations  is  compiled  in  a  specific  Dossier,  arranged by; system and subsystem. At the end of pre-commissioning all verification shall be completed and handed over to Commissioning Team and the RFC (Ready for Commissioning Certificate) is issued. 

Generally MCC (Mechanical Completion Certificate) is issued with RFC, simultaneously. It will experience for commissioning dossier.  Ready for STARTUP (RFSU) is between the parties responsible for 

Commissioning and Startup. Finally after performance test, plant will be partially accepted by company 

And after warranty period FAC (Final Acceptance certificate) will be issued and countersigned.


The Pre- commissioning  phase  includes  three  main  types  of  field  activities  that  start  after  mechanical  completion. In General, the main scope of work consists of:

 -Piping: Clearing, flushing, hydro test and reinstatement.

-Mechanical: conformity check, Pre box up, Cold test.

-Electrical & Instrument:  Inspecting transformers, continuity check.


The Commissioning phase essentially includes the three following categories of tasks:

-Piping: flushing, leak test.

-Mechanical: Catalyst & Chemical loading, hot test, Chemical Cleaning, inserting, hot test.

-Electrical:  loop test, functional test, Energize sub stations.

-Safety: CO2 Packages commissioning, Calibrate all F&G detectors

Start up 

The Startup activities begins with the final preparation to the introduction of the feedstock into the plant

And consist of a series of various tests carried out during the plant is brought on line. The aim of these tests is to ensure that all equipment operate normally and securely.

Performance Test 

Performance Tests shall be conducted during a continuous period of seventy two (72) consecutive hours for the overall PLANT. After that plant is accepted provisionally.

Warranty & Hand Over 

An eighteenmonth period is the duration of warranty that is between after approved PAC and hand over.

This HAND OVER is a sequence of technical stages, in order to:

Guarantee the continuity between the different checks and tests performed during the Completion activities

Ensure a good historical along the completion activities to avoid lost time and rework at the final


2-Commissioning Leadership 

Preservation & maintenance during Commissioning 

The Commissioning team shall perform the initial operation, maintenance and equipment preservation and submit the maintenance program to COMPANY for APPROVAL before implementation by the Commissioning Team.

Section I ICAPS software 

Definition and ICAPS Description 

ICAPS is a software package that has been designed to support TOTAL’s methodology OPERCOM. ICAPS is a complete pre-commissioning/commissioning management tool.  It manages the Preparation, Execution and Monitoring phases of pre-commissioning and commissioning.   The main functions of ICAPS are:

Preparation of the pre‐commissioning and commissioning task database and

Assistance to Engineering Equipment List preparation

Preparation of pre‐commissioning and commissioning dossiers.

Project Punch List management.

Calculations of pre- commissioning  and  commissioning  progress  for  planning  interface  and  reporting.

Providing a commissioning database for Operations and Maintenance activities.

ICAPS software system requirements: 

ICAPS  uses powerful Microsoft Technology to offer you the best services. Hereafter are some

Considerations about the hardware and the software you should acquire in order to use ICAPS. ICAPS runs on a “Client‐Server” basis:

·A computer that holds data which is called the “Server

·One other station for each operator to consult, modify this data which stations are called


ICAPS System Implementation Activities

Database Preparation 

Database preparation includes: formats adaptation with project, define the list of systems and subsystems, color marking up PID/SLD drawing, Item type, test package data and basic function type code preparation. 

Pre-commissioning Step: 

Pre-commissioning stage includes preparing Status Index, setup typical Check list & Test sheet for pre-commissioning phase, Import (Computerized) items, Test Pack list Pressure Test package database control and checking task generating 

Commissioning Step: 

Commissioning stage includes, preparing Technical Database, setup typical Check list & Test sheet for

Commissioning, Import (Computerized) Functional Test list, Leak Test package database control and checking, task generating 

Punch Management 

Punch Management includes the Pre‐commissioning activities punch clearance and updating progress and Commissioning Activities Punch Clearance and Updating Progress 

Hand Over 

Hand Over includes the following main activities: 

Pre‐commissioning dossier preparing for handover.

Pre‐commissioning dossier handover to CLIENT for AFC approval.

Commissioning dossier preparing for handover.

Final handover to CLIENT for Achieving performance test acceptance certificate will be performed in accordance with quadruple formats of National Petrochemical Industries Company.

Section II: Pre-commissioning

 Pre-commissioning by Construction Contractor 

The Pre-commissioning CONTRACTOR shall manage the mentioned activities.  If the final closure is postponed during the commissioning phase, CONTRACTOR remains responsible accordingly.

Supervision of precommissioning activities by commissioning Team 

These tasks are done by CONTRACTOR's scope of work, with supervision by COMPANY.

 Punch management 

In addition to Contractor Quality Control, commissioning Team could issue punch list in each step and

CONTRACTOR has the authority to clear Punch list items only with COMPANY agreement

Section III: Commissioning 

Commissioning in Vendor Package

Commissioning is done by vendor and commissioning team is supervisor.

Commissioning Integration 

Integration Management supervise all of commissioning members and problems in any challenges

 Section III: Start Up & Hand Over 

In this step puching management is a responsibility of commissioning team and Hand Over is it takes place through the participation of members like ICAPS team and integration management.

Commissioning Organization Chart